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Coffea arabica is the mother of all coffee trees. It obtained its name “Arabica” as it grew in the lower
part of the Arabian Peninsula where it was first consumed as a brew from roasted beans. Since the
15th century, coffee was exported to the European and Middle East markets primarily through Al-
Mukha port (where the word Mocha originates from).

During that era, Coffee houses began appearing in the Arabian Peninsula where people gathered to
listen to music and socialize.

A few centuries later, COFFEA became an integral part of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s coffee culture.
A point of reference for the local and international population of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with its
lively atmosphere and welcoming family, COFFEA is the place to be. It allows us to stay connected,
exchange novel ideas, and create unforgettable moments.

Our COFFEA was implanted in the Kingdom of Bahrain and expanded to Saudi Arabia to leave an
impact on societies. COFFEA has since become our shelter, and our home.

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